We have professional, friendly and well trained staff available to hire on a hourly basis* for every type of event. We also offer management staff to help ensure your day runs smoothly. If your venue already has a bar or you are providing the alcohol for your party/wedding/event, then this is an ideal option for you. 

Our staff services include:

  • Serving Reception Drinks
  • Table Wine & Water Service (ensuring tables are kept topped up with water and wine during dinners, wedding breakfasts, etc)
  • Operating Bar (cocktail bar, wine/prosecco bar, general bar)

We also have an extensive range of bar equipment available to hire including: cool boxes (small, medium, large), ice buckets, cocktail equipment (shakers, jiggers, muddlers, etc), pourers, measures and much more. 


*Please note that based on location, staff need to be hired for a certain number of hours.